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Napier Cruise Excursions

Supertrike Tours Hawkes Bay

Supertrike offers exclusive bespoke experiences for cruise passengers.

Become the envy of your fellow passengers by booking the only V8 trike in Hawke's Bay for your group to explore the region. We will create your perfect Hawke's Bay, designed around your tastes,  interests and time frame.


No more rushing to meet your time slot or worrying about changing docking times! Relax and disembark at your convenience knowing that your chariot for the day will be waiting to whisk you away on your adventure.


Options for your day include beer, wine and cider tastings for the adults and the Arataki honey centre, Faraday interactive museum of engineering and Aquarium for the young at heart. 

We can include an ice-cream stop, full lunch or platter of local produce to suit your requirements.

Due to Port of Napier regulations, we are not able to collect passengers shipside however, Napier offers free shuttles to the information centre, just a short 5 minute journey, where you will find the Supertrike stand and your guide for the day who will run over your customised itinerary with you before setting off.

Prices start from $990 for a minimum of 3 hours.

Short City Tours available on the days that Supertrike is not pre-booked.

Some days we will not have a pre-booked tour and we can offer our shorter 45 minute Highway Blast Tour. To avoid confusion with changing docking times and delays, we do not prebook any time slots for this tour. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis, with all tours booked at our sales stand in front of the Napier i-Site.


When you arrive into Napier port, simply jump onto a free shuttle into the city centre, disembark at the first stop and head straight over to the Supertrike stand and speak to one of our team members, you will be booked onto the next available tour. We are not able to prebook for later in the day and single seats will only be sold onto tours with existing passengers.

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